Agnė Petrulėnaitė

Agnė Petrulėnaitė is a Visual Artist and Professional Filmmaker working on various film projects, design and art enterprises, bringing creative ideas to life.

She explores and adapts non-traditional ways of storytelling in her film work, quite often following deeper, intuitive and experimental pathways, pursuing visually striking, yet delicate approaches to the overall aesthetic of her work. Thought-provoking messages are often left there in her work, waiting to be discovered by the viewer.

Questioning the culture and exploring the nature of perception, whilst delving into characteristics that form the essence of human identity inspired Agnė to become one of the authors of the project Borderline.

We are haunted by stereotypes, often suspicious about the unfamiliar and too comfortable in our own way of thinking. Borderline is an invitation for audiences both online and in person to discover similarities and celebrate our differences, providing a real-life perspective on the daily life of refugees from different backgrounds, living within Milton Keynes.

Agnė is hoping this project will encourage people to be more open to new experiences, discover divergent cultures, share their stories and connect through art and technology.



Daniel Broadbent

Daniel Broadbent is a Producer and Visual Artist based in Bristol, England.  He has a predominant focus within his work on socially enriching projects, weaving language, sound and technology into his practice. 

As Co-Author of Borderline, Dan expressed a particular interest in the storyline of this project, the overview of what life is like through the eyes and ears of somebody else. His hopes and aspirations are to show the realities of the everyday lives of our refugee neighbours and to share the sensitive and considered insights into their pasts. Allowing audiences to take a step back, even if only momentarily, to show appreciation, admiration and most importantly, empathy.  It is hoped that this page will act as an archive to the lives and journeys of refugee communities, past, present and future. Please share your stories with us and help this project live on as an online ‘home’ for the people of Milton Keynes who have spent some part of their lives rediscovering what this now means to them.



Marius Liutkevičius 

Marius Liutkevičius is an Art Director and Professional Photographer, who recently was shortlisted for the leading architectural photography competition in the industry - 2018 Architectural Photography Awards. He continues to work on a wide range of projects, oversees the artistic aspects of media production and specialises in advertising, documentary, lifestyle and product photography.

The content of Marius’ work has a strong emphasis on self-awareness and storytelling, it often reflects on the outcomes of emotionally impacted human decisions, explores artificial situations and presents exquisite artistry to the viewer.

After being introduced to the project Borderline, Marius was keen to add value to it through photography work, which would translate to the factual, journalistic presentation of the project delivery process. His initial interest in this project is connected with the original causes for the refugee crisis, their shared experiences, integration and taking the risk of starting one’s life all over again. Marius is hoping Borderline will have a lasting impression as an immersive digital experience and will inspire people to relate through art, expand their horizons by learning about different cultures and ways of living.



Anouar Kassim MBE

Founding Director of MKIAC and commissioner of Borderline

Anouar has a background in business, previously working internationally in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Holland and Spain. He settled in Milton Keynes and after many years working at MK College he recognised the need locally for building community cohesion and went on to become the founding director of Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Culture.  His passion for communities has been at the heart of his project delivery and for the last 10 years MKIAC has delivered a flagship multicultural community free festival “Art at the Lake”. 

Last year over 11,000 visitors attended a rich and varied programme of art installations, performances and seminars. Anouar provides the overarching vision for the festival and this year’s theme “Creativity and Connections” which makes Borderline a perfect match.

“Borderline is a moving project and engaging with the participants giving them an opportunity to not only share but reflect on their own journey.  The participants often touched upon difficult personal memories and we hope this project helps them and enables them to overcome challenges through this experience.” - Anouar



Ami Aubrey 

Community Programme Manager for MKIAC and commissioner for Borderline.

Ami has an MA in Film television and Broadcast production and for the last 15 years she has been working in participatory arts focussing on community digital projects using emerging technology and film.

At Junction Arts as communications and digital project coordinator she managed interactive projects including App development and Geo-Location with Llama Digital using emerging iBeacon technology, exhibited as part of the international animation festival. She developed Data Draw, a participatory arts, data capture interactive machine which produced online generative digital artwork. 

“I have found this project Borderline inspirational and hope our audiences both through the interactive installation at the festival and online will understand the depth of the work and the generosity of those who took part and told their stories, a humbling experience. It’s been a great experience working with Now_What? as innovative projects are my passion and I hope the website will continue to share refugee stories and be a great legacy for the project.”  - Ami