Country of origin | Afghanistan
Arrived in the UK | 2014

Isaam is a 19 year old man, living in an undetermined circumstance within Milton Keynes, UK.

Isaam was born in the Province of Nangarhar in Eastern Afghanistan at a time of extreme social and political turbulance, one year before the US War in Afghanistan began.

Due to the constant threat to his well-being and livelihood, and with the support and encouragement of his family, a young Isaam was faced with the hugely challenging decision to escape from home and seek a safer life.

For safety, Isaam’s real identity has remained anonymous.


Prior to escaping Afghanistan, along with other harrowing stories shared, Isaam told us of how he was kidnapped as a teenager by the Taliban whilst taking his family’s sheep to fresh pastures alongside his friend. Eventually, with the help of the military forces, Isaam was able to escape capture and return to his home village, however, this event marked only one of many more traumatic events of that time.

Isaam has had approximately 17 different social workers since arriving in the U.K four years ago. He has been unable to secure a safe and stable place to call home and therefore faces an extremely uncertain and unpredictable future. At the time of meeting Isaam, he informed us that he had less than one month to remain within the U.K and would soon be forced to return to his country of origin, where his safety is in under constant threat.