Country of origin | Iran
Arrived in the UK | 1986

Hali is a British Citizen from Iranian descent, living happily in Milton Keynes, within the UK.

A kind, considerate and passionate woman, Hali moved to England just before her 21st Birthday, having been forced to leave home several years earlier after a series of life altering events she was faced with.

In 1979, at the start of the Iranian Revolution, Hali was just 13 years of age. Living in a remote area of Southern Iran, from the very beginning, Hali became active in her pursuit to fighting injustice.


Hali comes from a politically-minded family, having experienced first-hand the harsh realities of the previous Shah regime, as two of her brothers were detained as political prisoners during that administration.

Hali recalls the invasion of her family’s home at the age of only 8 years old, during a raid by the Secret Service. She described how she remembers her younger self following the suited men from room to room, searching their personal belongings and invading their privacy.

Hali was arrested as a young teenager, but that did not deter her and her peers from becoming more dedicated in increasing their knowledge and understanding on equality and human rights; becoming increasingly more active as the years went on. This display of activism and resilience, paired with her family’s already established reputation, led to her father selling their home and in her own words becoming “refugees in their own country.”

Hali obtained her degree whilst raising two young children, and now owns her own company.