Country of origin | Syria
Arrived in the UK | 2018

Duaa is a 24 year old woman, originally from Syria. She arrived in the UK at the end of 2018 after briefly living in Amman, Jordan from 2013, with her three young children (two born within Jordan), her husband, brother-in-law and children’s grandparents.

Duaa arrived in Amman with her family after fleeing the conflict within her home City of Damascus, Syria’s capital and largest city.

During the months leading up to Duaa leaving Syria with her young family: “Syrian forces showed the regime’s willingness to unleash such firepower in the capital: At least three tank shells slammed into residential areas in the central Damascus neighborhood of Qaboun, an activist said. Intense exchanges of assault- rifle fire marked the clash, according to residents” [view source]


Duaa and her family seeked the support of the United Nations on arriving in Jordan, unable to work or find sufficient education for their first son. Duaa describes her life in Jordan as a very sad time and that her children’s Grandmother, Grandfather and Uncle are still residing within Amman.

After arriving in the UK, Duaa and her family have found a somewhat stable place to call home within Milton Keynes.

Whilst with Duaa, we were invited into her family home and met with her three young children, the two youngest would smile from ear to ear as we began setting up for filming, occassionaly pausing to ask questions and giggle at the unusual-looking equipment.

Together we shared a short and slightly broken conversation whilst her eldest son bravely stood at our side to assist with any interpreting.