Country of origin | Iraq
Arrived in the UK | 1999

Ayser is a British Citizen and the first born of her siblings. Originally from Iraqi descent, she is now living a comfortable and settled life in Milton Keynes, UK.

A generous and community focused woman at heart, a caring wife and an inspirational mother to two wonderful daughters, Ayser spent a large portion of her early life living in Baghdad, Iraq, during the latter part of the 20th Century. She eventually moved to the UK in 1999 after a brief period in Jordan, Western Asia in order to seek a better life for herself and her children.

Ayser has a BSC in Architectural Engineering and spent the first part of her career working in Iraq within her chosen field of Architecture.


Borderline provided a unique opportunity to gain a small insight into the life of Ayser, to share her journey and to help understand some of the challenges she has faced throughout her life. Ayser actively encourages other individuals to get involved with some of the community projects she now organises within the Buckinghamshire region.

Whilst meeting with Ayser, we were fortunate to be invited along to Iftar (also known as Fatoor in English) to document the ‘breaking of fast’. A historic evening ritual during Ramadan that brings the community, groups or families together after abstaining from food and drink from dawn (Fajr) to dusk (Maghrib). The Iftar event was a wonderful opportunity to share homemade food and drinks together and exchange great conversation and play games. Project Borderline provides an insight into Ayser’s working life, her home and also sensitive moments with friends and family.