Country of origin | United Kingdom
Arrived in the UK | Since birth

Aydin is a British man living in Milton Keynes, UK, the second child to Hali and her husband. He is a student of Law, focussing predominantly on the field of Immigration.

Aydin provides a unique perspective into the life of a man from both Iranian descent, as well as growing up as a first generation UK Citizen, living his entire life within England and embracing the British culture as his own. Learning throughout his childhood and early adulthood of the stories of his parents struggles prior to his birth, Aydin is a thoughtful and considerate young man with great aspirations for the future.


An inquisitive person, with a clear passion for human rights, having heard about the Borderline Project from his mother, Aydin was very active in participating and supporting the project from the very beginning. Having learnt of the immense struggles of Isaam, one of the other participants, Aydin jumped at the opportunity to offer his skills and expertise in supporting with his case for asylum.

We sat with Aydin at his local pub and he kindly shared with us some of the stories that he had learnt of his family’s origins, as well as a deeper insight into the Revolution within Iran in the late 1970’s and the memories he recalled from his childhood visits. This moment of sharing gave us a greater understanding of the frequent struggles his family went through in the 20th century and served as a gentle reminder of how fortunate some of us are to have never experienced such levels of hardship.