Borderline is an on-going series of audio and visual stories that aim to showcase the diverse and often extremely challenging lives and journeys shared by some refugee communities living throughout Milton Keynes. 

Founded in the first half of 2019, Borderline initially brought together the stories of six people from six vastly unique perspectives and backgrounds, all of the participants originating from widely contrasting nations. Each person involved sharing one key similarity that makes them special. They are all, in some way or another, connected. Connected to what it means to live a life as a refugee. Be it lived experience, inherited, or in the case of some, being born into a life surrounded by war and persecution, each person’s story provides us with a unique insight into what life could be. 

Each story in itself is a unique and powerful tool to step across the borders that divide us and help bridge the gaps in order to bring us closer together.

This project aims to commemorate our unique and varying qualities amongst the human race, celebrate our shared triumphs and investigate the unique cultural qualities amongst our refugee neighbours.

The investigative Borderline Project culminated in a body of work that was showcased at Art at the Lake Festival 2019 and is composed of the written word, audio interviews and 360° autobiographical films, providing a small insight of somebody else from a first person perspective. The immersive audiovisual experiences invite audiences to step into, even if only momentarily, someone else’s shoes, through virtual reality technology, hosted on an interactive Youtube platform.

The live immersive experience during Art at the Lake Festival 2019 allowed audiences to step into someone else’s shoes by integrating the use of VR technology. This has now been made into an open online platform through the Project Borderline website, to share with online visitors and invite you to explore the stories as they develop.

Along with the films, throughout the website, you will discover audio interviews, behind the scenes photography and biographies on the participants who have shared their journey with us. We hope this might encourage you or someone you might know to share your story with the world and become part of the Project Borderline. Click here to find out more

There is also the opportunity for new stories to be shared, by completing the online form, where one of the MKIAC Team will be in touch. 

Commissioned by: MKIAC
Authored and created by: Agnė Petrulėnaitė and Daniel Broadbent
Artistic support: Marius Liutkevičius
Website by: Dani Mayes Design & Imogen Bellotti
Produced by: Now_What?