Country of origin | Somalia
Arrived in the UK | 2008

Abdi is a man of great resilience, having lived through many unique and challenging circumstances. Over his life time, he has travelled vast journeys in refuge of a place to call ‘home’.

Abdi, who is of Somalian descent, originates from Garbahare, which is a region in Southern Somalia, and the capital of Gebo.

In January 1991 at the height of the Somalian Civil War, customary law had collapsed within the country and South-Somalian armed factions began competing for influence in the power vacuum that existed, and, inevitably, turmoil ensued. The constant threat of danger for a young man like Abdi in the late 20th century would have been a clear enough reason to begin moving.


Abdi’s story of refuge began in January 1991, moving to Kenya at first and then to Germany. Not understanding a word of the German language at the time, and trying his best to integrate into a society that was still finding its own feet after the fall of the Berlin Wall only a matter of years earlier, Abdi clearly found a burning desire to seek a better life for himself. Abdi also did his upmost to reconnect with his dispersed family members, and whilst doing so, he moved to the Netherlands in 1992 where he began studying, eventually graduating from the University of Eindoven in the field of Engineering.

It was not until 2008 that Abdi moved to the UK, with the career he had built during his time living in the Netherlands, eventually settling within Milton Keynes, where he now lives happily with his wife and children.